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Family Business—Laying the Groundwork for Success

Is your growing business still a one-person operation? As your company continues to grow and the workload increases, it is easy to find yourself wearing too many hats and not having enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. At such a turning point, many small business owners turn to their families for help.

Planning Continues Upon Retirement

As a business owner, you have invested a great deal of time and effort into building your company over the years. You know the amount of planning needed to maintain daily operations and grow your business. Now, you may be ready for retirement. But, the planning does not end. What you do next, and how you navigate potential tax issues and regulatory pitfalls, can make a big difference in the long-term success of your retirement.

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A Business by Any Other Name... May be a "Hobby"

Mike Harris is the proud owner of a deep-sea fishing boat. Although fishing for tuna and swordfish isn’t his primary line of work, he takes the “Mariner’s Mermaid” out most weekends and often sells his catch. Although Mike considers fishing a sideline occupation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may or may not agree with him. What Mike considers a bona fide business, the IRS may judge a hobby.

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National Life Insurance Awareness Month

Baby boomers’ huge numbers and surprisingly shaky health threaten government old-age benefits. That’s why you need to bolster your own retirement finances more than ever – and pay attention to your insurance needs.

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Macro-Trends to Watch in the 2nd Half of 2019

We surpassed the 10-year mark of economic recovery, which started in 2009. The average expansion since World War II, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, is just under five years. Whether the current one continues or not might come down to three important macro-trends: employment, housing and manufacturing.

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The Pitfalls of the “Be Your Own Banker” Idea

Thank goodness National Life Insurance Awareness Month is here. Some insurance sales folks peddle a concept called Be Your Own Banker. Don’t fall for it. This idea has floated around the Internet and late-night television for a while now. One of the latest versions, touted on a website called, shows what very bad advice it is.

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NFL, Fantasy Football & Active Investing

Could you identify a Tom Brady-manager AND know when to trade him? What does fantasy football have to do with investing? It teaches you to avoid Nick Foles-like fund money managers, whose one-time Super Bowl achievements often decline the following year. And it might also suggest that you avoid Tom Brady-like fund managers, whose six Super Bowl rings sure look tempting. With the start of the NFL season, both are worthwhile reminders. But let’s examine the latter, because it’s a mistake many investors fall for – selecting the star manager every year.

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The Magic of Advisor Collaboration

The strength of the best advisor-client relationships is a collaborative spirit. Clients bare their financial and personal lives to an advisor: That dumb investment you made in your friend’s ice cream parlor, the huge mortgage you took out to buy a McMansion, your plans to have a child in a year or so. Based on that candor, the advisor’s task is to give you clear-eyed counsel, using solid know-how and experience.

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Protecting Your Financial Information Online

More consumers are conducting financial transactions online and may become vulnerable to tracking, hacking, identity theft, phishing scams, and other cyberspace risks. While nothing can guarantee complete safety on the Internet, understanding how to protect your privacy can help minimize your exposure to risk.

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Companies Should Seek To Leverage the Digital Workplace

Employees who work in digital workplaces tend to have relatively high levels of productivity and motivation, but organizations should be alert to security risks associated with these technologies, and to the emergence of a gap between employees who are and are not technologically adept, according to a global study conducted by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

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