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College Cost Counsel

Preparing a child for college may be a rewarding, but worrisome, time for you and your family. Although you know that an education is “priceless” you cannot help but notice how large the price tag actually is. This may leave you with many questions regarding college financing for your child. The U.S. government has established an Internet resource for such a need. The website,, gives information on college costs, and you can even apply for financial aid online.

Before You Refinance Student Loans, Read This

It might seem like a good way to make payments manageable, but you could be making some major trade-offs that could cost you (or your co-signer -- thanks, Mom and Dad) big bucks down the road.

Boy? Girl? Or Tuition Payment?

You just received the wonderful news that you and your spouse are going to become parents. The last thing on your mind may be paying for college, but thinking about it now may save you later.

Alternatives for College Funding

Although we all know that “time flies,” it seems to move particularly fast as we watch our children grow. Yet, in considering a college future for a newborn, it is understandable that parents might procrastinate, since seventeen years seems so far in the future.

A College Education: How to Fund? is the Question

Whether you are considering a public or private college for your child, it is essential that your planning begin as early as possible.

Short-Term Goals vs. Retirement Savings

Too many focus on immediate needs versus saving for retirement

Student Debit is Worse than the Mortgage Crisis

And if we're not careful, it could push us to a worse recession too

We Should Worry About Student Loan Debt

Because spiraling student debt can slow down the U.S. economy

Beware of the Parent-Student Loan Trap

Signing on can put your ability to access other forms of credit at risk

Tax-Advantaged 529 Accounts: What Families Need to Consider

Many families look for every opportunity to make the most of their children’s college savings. Under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), paying for college and getting tax breaks can go hand in hand. As with any savings endeavor, the key is to begin early.

We are proud to announce that Uplift Financial is getting a new look.

Don’t mind our jumbled look - we’re still committed to matching you with the right financial resources regardless of credit standing.
Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out a complete redesign of our company’s logo and website to better align with our mission of empowering our customers by providing straightforward answers and inclusive products.
From all of us at Uplift Financial we look forward to introducing the new and improved website in 2020.

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